What type of insurance does a food trailer need? - Infographic

We get the question asked everyday...What insurance coverage does a food trailer need?

This infographic we created answers that question visually.

Food Trailer Infographic.jpg
Food Trailer Infograph.jpg

General Liability Insurance

General liability protects you from lawsuits brought against you for injury or property damage to third parties. It does not cover auto related or employee injuries, those coverages are discussed below.

This includes your products (food), your premise (slip and fall), personal injury / advertising injury (libel and slander), and property damage to others.

The best part is it also covers the legal fees to defend such claims, even if it's found you were not at fault!

Not only is it smart coverage to have in a sue crazed world, it is often required to do business with most landlords, vendors, and commissary kitchens.

Common coverage limits in the industry are 1 million per occurrence, 2 million aggregate (total claims per year).

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Food Trailer Infograph.jpg

Food Trailer and contents Property coverage (Inland Marine)

You have poured countless hours and money into your food trailer so you want to make sure your investment is protected right?

Property coverage otherwise known as inland marine (property that moves over land) coverage for your food trailer or other business equipment.

Don’t make the common mistake of assuming your auto insurance policy automatically extends coverage to the vehicle pulling it!

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Auto Ins.jpg

Auto Liability

For vendors such as food trailers, concession trailers, food carts, pop-up vendors, street vendors, food stands, and catering trailers you will need to speak with your personal auto carrier on if you can keep that policy or if you will need a commercial auto policy.

Either way you want to make sure you are covered for injury or property damage to others if you cause an accident while driving.

The auto liability applies once you attach the trailer and start moving. Once you park, detach and start operating your mobile food business the general liability takes over.

work comp.jpg

Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Insurance or worker's comp as it is commonly known pays wage replacement and medical benefits to employees if they are injured. In many states it's required by law to carry workers comp and others optional.

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additional coverages.jpg

Additional Coverages

Other coverages are also available as addons.

Umbrella insurance for example is excess coverage above and beyond your limits of general liability or auto liability insurance. This coverage is often required by large contracts.

Food spoilage is another optional coverage that can pay for your spoiled food, but beware deductibles are often 500 or more, and many food trailers will hold about equal to the deductible.

One of the best additional coverages in my experience is loss of business income due to an insurance loss.

Often times even when you suffer a covered claim from an insurance loss, the resulting loss of income while you repair or replace your trailer will at best be a big hit to your income, or more likely put you out of business.

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