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The 10 questions to ask on your Food Trailer Park lease

When you sign a commercial lease, you are entering into a relationship where both parties have responsibilities to each other. This is one contract you will want to read and best to ask questions ahead of time on areas that aren’t clear.

And ALWAYS put it in writing. Even with the best intentions of both sides, doing so will avoid miscommunication.

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Don't be left out in the cold...make sure you understand how you lease pretains to the below 10 questions.


  • What are you going to be responsible for?


  • Who pays for electricity? Do they have grey water pick up?


  • What limits and coverage are you required to carry on your food trailer?

Lease duration

  • How long are you lock into the location?

Landlords right to Terminate your lease

  • Can they cancel your lease early for his or her convenience?

Access in and out of the park for your food trailer

  • Will you be able to take advantage of catering opportunities and events?


  • Are parking, restrooms, seating etc. provided?


  • Will they partner with you in promoting the food trailer park or just interested in filling the park with food trailers?


  • Is there a limit to the number of food trailers and types of food that can be located in the park?

Hours of Operation

  • Will tenants be required to be open certain hours?
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