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We get the question asked everyday...What insurance coverage does a food trailer need?

This infographic we created answers that question visually.

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Terrence of TBD Foods offers his take on what to look for in a food truck employee. Terence wrote this article while he was an employee of a Food Truck and now owns TBD foods.

If your doing things right in running and growing your food truck business, eventually you will need to hire employees to help out with daily operations. At this point it is tempting to go...


Welcome back to part 2 of the food truck employee. In this post well cover payroll, healthcare, managing and the unfortunate reality of terminating an employee.

This info could not have been put together without the help Terrence of TBD Foods. TBD foods offers fine dining chef service - specializing in farm to table fare.

Let’s dive right back in.


This is a collaborative article we did with Terrence of TBD Foods to cover some lesser thought of problems associated with food trucks employees.


If you not convinced you need proper insurance for your mobile food business, let me share 7 reasons why you should think again.


You have no doubt put countless hours, and what seems like endless money to create your food trailer, concession trailer, or food truck business. It makes sense to protect those investments with sound loss prevention to prevent all those efforts from being ruined in a flash of a moment.

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Mobile food vendors have their challenges most every day. Running a kitchen on wheels makes every owner aptly skilled with plumbing, electrical and all types of construction and repair. Sometimes contractors can be engaged and it is wise in certain circumstances, yet food cart and truck owners are DIY people by nature. Yet when it comes to insurance, where do you turn?

Most owners turn to their personal insurance broker who may or may...

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Food Trailer Insurance

Standard restaurant insurance policies can leave gaps in coverage and often insurance agencies don't fully understand your unique needs. At Insure My Food Trailer we get mobile food vendors and offer a competitive insurance policy for food trailers, food trucks and mobile food vendors.

The Insue My Food Trailer advantages included

  • Options for standalone General liability coverage, or package...

A leading insurance professional organization recently recognized Joel Paprocki, CIC, CPCU of Paprocki Insurance and, for dedication and ongoing leadership in the insurance industry.

The Society of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) honored Mr. Paprocki for ten years of successfully maintaining the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation, denoting significant commitment to advanced knowledge and...


Paprocki Insurance Agency announced its recent accreditation by BBB Serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin. As a BBB Accredited Business, Paprocki Insurance Agency is dedicated to promoting trust in the marketplace.

"We are pleased to be a BBB Accredited Business because we value building trust with our customers," said Joel Paprocki. "Our BBB Accreditation gives our customers confidence in our commitment to...

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Social Media is the darling of web marketing currently, and even more so with Food Trailers and Food Trucks that are on a shoestring budget.

But I think there is a case to be made that your website (yes the old fashion website) is more important to your marketing than social media.


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How to insure your mobile food vendor trailer

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General Liability Insurance 101


If you own a mobile food business like a food truck, food trailer, or concession trailer, you need general liability insurance.

Here is why...

  • Even if you win a lawsuit the legal cost could ruin your business, and legal fees are covered by insurance policies.
  • Lawsuit out-of-pocket costs for small businesses exceed $35 billion every year.
  • Most events won't...
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When you sign a commercial lease, you are entering into a relationship where both parties have responsibilities to each other. This is one contract you will want to read and best to ask questions ahead of time on areas that aren’t clear.

And ALWAYS put it in writing. Even with the best intentions of both sides, doing so will avoid miscommunication.


Work Injury Claim Form

The disadvantages for food trailers that don't have workers comp insurance include

  • Unlimited liability for negligent injury to employees
  • Unpredictable accident-related expenses
  • More difficult to attract and retain qualified employees
  • Unable to do business with some entities that require statutory workers’ comp

Texas employers who do not carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage are required...


Food Trailer Insurance 101 Infographic

Understanding insurance for food pictures.

Additional Insureds Food Trailers

Loss Prevention

What is insurance good for.

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